Investor Relations

SDWP occasionally gets requests to assist with other wind projects around the country. We plan to highlight some of those projects here on our website.

Black Oak Wind Farm: Black Oak is a community developed project near Ithica, NY. You can learn more by visiting the Black Oak Website at or by contacting SDWP.

Tri Global Energy: Tri Global is a wind developer located in Dallas, TX. Tri Global has more than 600,000 acres of land under option and 16 projects in Texas and New Mexico. You can learn more by visiting the Tri Global website at or by contacting SDWP.

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South Dakota Wind Partners, LLC (SDWP) is a limited liability company formed to provide an opportunity for investment by South Dakota residents in the growing wind industry.

Four South Dakota organizations have helped develop SDWP to provide the opportunity for their members to be a part of wind in South Dakota. The organizing groups are East River Electric Coop, SD Corn Utilization Council, SD Farmers Union and SD Farm Bureau.

SDWP is currently operating a 10.5 MW facility in Jerauld County, SD. We are located next to a 100 turbine wind farm owned and operated by PrairieWinds SD1.

PrairieWinds is a wholly owned subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative which is the primary electric producing cooperative for South Dakota’s rural electric cooperatives.

SDWP has contracted with PrairieWinds to operate the SDWP wind farm. PrairieWinds will purchase the electricity that SDWP produces at a contracted

Construction Update

Production Update


February 2001 117,000 kWh
March 2011 3,304,073 kWh
April 2011 4,997,765 kWh
May 2011 3,859,000 kWh
June 2011 3,408,000 kWh
July 2011 2,210,000 kWh
August 2011 2,557,000 kWh
September 2011 2,376,000 kWh
October 2011 4,160,000 kWh
November 2011 4,284,000 kWh
December 2011 3,936,000 kWh
January 2012 4,687,000 kWh
February 2012 4,357,000 kWh
March 2012 4,101,000 kWh
April 2012 4,074,000 kWh
May 2012 3,840,000 kWh
June 2012 3,248,000 kWh
July 2012 2,915,000 kWh
August 2012 2,810,000 kWh
September 2012 3,081,000 kWh
 October 2012 4,133,000 kWh
November 2012 3,383,000 kWh
December 2012 2,879,000 kWh
January 2013 3,707,000 kWh
February 2013 3,084,000 kWh
March 2013 3,335,000 kWh
April 2013 2,683,000 kWh
May 2013 3,702,000 kWh
June 2013 3,143,000 kWh
July 2013 1,915,000 kWh
August 2013 2,072,000 kWh
September 2013 2,633,000 kWh
October 2013 3,784,000 kWh
November 2013 4,261,000 kWh
December 2013 4,145,000 kWh

Monthly electricity production numbers for SDWP: